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Automatically log each email and calendar meeting in Salesforce

Salesforce sync even supports automated actions, custom fields, and custom objects

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Save time and close more deals with deeply integrated Salesforce features. 

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Deep integration at every turn so you can work more efficiently

“Fantastic support and technology. Integrates so well with Salesforce and Gmail that I don't even think of it as a separate service.”

Brady Loeck

Account Executive

View Salesforce Records

Always have the account info you need — right alongside your email. View and update opportunities and cases, and even create new leads, contacts, and accounts right from the Groove sidebar.

Configurable View

Every team works differently. Customize which Salesforce fields and objects display in the Groove sidebar for each team within your sales organization.

Two-way Salesforce Integration

Keep your Salesforce records current without leaving your Gmail account. Quickly update records and log call notes right from the Groove sidebar.

“I am consistently in my inbox and before Groove it was a pain to have to open and connect to Salesforce to find the contact tied to the lead or opportunity. With Groove, I can easily see everything that the Lead or Opportunity has so I can quickly respond to the client and close the deal faster!”

Brett Ponton

Inside Sales

Email Sync

Automatically log your reps' inbound and outbound emails in Salesforce so each account is always up-to-date. Choose whether to let reps decide which emails to sync, or automatically push all emails to Salesforce in real time.

Task Sync

Stay on top of your to-do list by creating and completing Salesforce tasks right from your Gmail account. No more time wasted switching tabs and making manual updates.

Calendar Sync

Make sure all of your reps' meetings (yes, including custom fields) are logged in Salesforce with Groove's calendar sync. Similar to email, decide whether to push all meetings to Salesforce or to let your reps choose which meetings to sync.

Smart integration features right where you need them most

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